Take a look at some of our project work here.


Gamified RESEARCH for quiet users

Design research is more than 1:1 interviews and long form discussion guides. We designed a board game to conduct research and get women to speak more freely.

creating a safe space for women

The game was designed over seven rounds of iterative prototyping, testing how the women were responding to and engaging in the discussion.


object as design

Domestic Help, a satire, was written to respond to a gang rape that took place in 2012 and the aftermath that surrounded the event.

creating conversation

Change begins with conversation. Domestic Help is a conversation creator for a topic otherwise difficult to navigate and converse about.


artefacts to gather responses

Potential design solutions created in local languages to observe how women respond to financial management tools.

CO-creating with them

The prototypes gave the users a chance to show us what is helpful to them.